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Q: I've been thinking about getting a draught system in my home/bar. What are the benefits?

A: Draught is the best way to drink beer!  Not only is it always fresh and cold, but you can regulate the amount you want to drink/serve.  If you only want half a beer, you don't have to crack a full one.  If you want two beers, you can have them in the same glass!  Also, kegs are a very environmentally friendly beer vessel, exchanged, cleaned and refilled.. forget about empties, the only mess is your empty glass!

Q: Is alot involved in maintaining draught systems?

A: Yes and No.  Like anything, preventative maintenance is key to the life of your system.  Making sure your beer lines and system components stay clean, proper serving pressures are set, and their are no leaks in the system, will prove very beneficial, and in the long run, cost effective.  Depending on the intricacy of your draught system, this maintenance can be a slightly more committed scenario.  Let me take care of the maintenance, and you'll have nothing to worry about!

Q: Hey Keg Guy, what's your favourite beer?

A: Well, it's really too hard to pick just one.  Being a homebrewer, I have challanged myself within the wide range that is the beer style spectrum, but when it comes down to it TRUE IPAs and hoppy beers are the ones for me.  When I'm not brewing I support the ever increasing, local, independent craft breweries in Southern Ontario, Michigan and other areas.  In Windsor, Ontario, Walkerville Brewery is great and you can also get a great deal on many different styles of local craft beer from Jake's Windsor Brew, and even get to be in on the process! 
Check it out!

Q: I'm having a party this weekend, and have had too many problems with hand pumps in the past.  I don't have a draught system installed.  What do you recommend?

A: There are temporary serving systems known as "Jockey Boxes" or "Cooler Systems" that are converted picnic coolers equipped with a stainless steel coil or cold plate inside for beer flow, and a CO2 tank to provide the serving pressure.  These systems are great for events when only temporary dispense is required, and only require ice, water, and of course a keg..or three..of beer!  You avoid the problems usually associated with hand pumps like foaming and oxidation.  These systems are available for rental at Jake's Windsor Brew!  If you are looking for something a little more permanent, get in touch and we can talk installation!

Q: I just ran out of CO2 for my home draught system.  Where can I get my tank refilled?

A: A great place in Windsor, Ontario is Windsor Fire Extinguisher on Hawthorne Ave.  For other cities, research your local gas suppliers which should most likely carry beverage grade CO2.